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remuneración: US$4.00 per hour plus commission
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US Telephone Appointment Setting - work from home - US$4.00 per hour plus 2.5% commission

Established in 1991, Applied Media Technologies Corporation is the third-largest U.S. provider of business music, audio/video messaging, digital signage and audio/video equipment. Check out our website by clicking the AMTC logo at the top left corner of this page. We have developed a new digital media player and distribution platform that customers love. We're ramping up our sales efforts, and we're looking for home-based Appointment Setters.

We offer:
- US$4.00 per hour base bay
- 2.5% commission
- Weekly pay via PayPal or Xoom
- Paid training
- 21 days of paid time off each year (after a 90-day probation period)
- Health care allowance (after a 90-day probation period)
- State of the art sales software

We're looking for quality, not quantity. A few traits we insist on:

Excellent English. You'll be calling US leads. You need to be able to speak fluently and conversationally, with minimal accent. We don't need you to hide the fact that you're not in the U.S., but Americans must be able to understand you easily. People who have lived in the US for significant periods, or those who have attended American or British schools, will do best.

Hard working. While on the clock, you're expected to work, not watch YouTube videos, wash your dishes or play with your dog. We have invested millions in the most sophisticated sales software, and we know what you're doing. If you are not on the phone making calls, you will not be paid. You need to be willing to work a minimum of 20 hours per week. There is no limit to how many hours you can work.

Educated. We don't care about a college degree, but you need to be able to speak and write with proper English. We sell to corporate clients, and we can't be embarrassed.

Bold and aggressive. This is not customer service. This is SALES. You need to be willing and able to "beat down doors" and not take "no" for an answer. If you're shy, this isn't for you. If you get hurt feelings easily, this isn't for you.

Computer Literate. We use computer technology and sell computer technology. If you can't use a keyboard, if you struggle using the web, etc., this isn't for you.

Technical requirements:
64-bit Windows PC (for IP phone client software, which you must be capable of installing yourself)
Dual monitors or super-wide monitor to allow two full browser pages side-by-side (necessary to work efficiently)
High-quality noise-cancelling headset
Decent internet connection (minimum 15 mbps)

Prior to allowing you to join a training class, we will require that you make a successful test call to us using your dialer software to confirm that it is functional and that your headset is of sufficient quality. You will also be required to demonstrate on a Skype video call that you have the required display(s).

If you excel as an appointment setter, you can apply to receive significant additional training to become an Account Executive. Account Executives receive a 10% commission on sales.

Want to apply? Do the following:

1. Study this script:

For just $19.95 a month you get:
Background Music or Dining Room TV
Audio Marketing Messages
and Digital Signage and Video

That's $19.95 a month for everything!

Think about the money you can make promoting LTOs and new menu items like:

the Flavor of the Month! Trick Oreo Treat looks awesome!
How about the Fang-Tastic monster cake?
Promote customizable cakes and online ordering.
You've got the sweetest app around? Tell people about it!
You like profits, right? What's your margin on that $2.99 Small Capuccino Blast? 1000%? You need to push those like there's no tomorrow!
It's hard to find employees right now, isn't it? How about recruiting employees with instore marketing?

We make all this easy, with a huge, always-current library of Baskin-Robbins audio marketing messages, digital signage and videos, ready for you to use.
How long's it gonna take to get payback on 20 bucks a month? A day?

2. Listen to the sample recording of the script found here.
3. Create your own voice recording of the script, attempting to sound as much like the sample recording as possible. We want to hear whether you can PERFORM like an actor or actress, not just read a script.
4. Send the recording, along with your resume/CV, here.
5. We will contact qualified applicants to arrange phone interviews. Phone interviews will be conducted via Skype, so you must have a Skype account.
  • Solo empresas. Si eres un intermediario, por favor, no contactes al anunciante.
  • NO contactarnos por servicios u ofertas no solicitados
  • Quieres remarcar este anuncio para personas con minusvalías

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