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If you havent heard of Marketing Storm Leads, We take full responsibility for that!
Now what is Marketing Storm Leads and what do they have to offer?
Marketing Storm Leads is the the Number #1 Roof Generating Lead Company in the World.
Whenever a Major or Minor Storm hits in the U.S. The homes get Damaged. They get affected.
Someone has to go out there and lend a helping hand.
Now this is where we come in.
Our Company is simply responsible for calling home owners in the affected areas and set free 20 minute home exterior
inspections. That's it.
Never talking about Money, Prices or Materials. Only Free inspections!
For every inspection you set up, You get a FAT Commission!!
And who is Responsible for setting the most inspections in the WORLD??????
Marketing Storm Leads
Our company has been in business for more than 10 years!
We change the lives of more than 160 driven men and women.!
We have been able to increase our agents paychecks more than 25% each year!
Our Agents get a Raise every 6 months!
and; We pay Weekly!
Don't be fooled by replicas of Companies who want to claim they'll make you money or that they produce "good"
amounts of leads.
They´re not even on the Map. There is no Competition that even gets close to our level of Success.
There is no one better and we don't compete because we DOMITE this industy.
We're so good, They call our agents trying to bribe them. :) Don't be fooled!
Join our dynamic and professional Sales Team in GDL, Tj or Vallarta.
Excellent and fun environment
Team atmosphere
Unlimited Earning Potential
Do you have what it takes?

Paid Training
Weekly Pay!
Law Benefits
Base Salary
Excellent Commissions
Weekly bonuses!

If you are;
Confident, energetic, goal orientated and self-motivated
Determined, committed, reliable with a smile in your voice.
Interviews start immediately, Call us at 38231141
Over thousand families depend on us in the US

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