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Cold callers needed

remuneración: hourly

We are seeking experienced Cold Callers for our campaign to help homeowners lower their electric bill by qualifying for one of our solar and energy efficient programs.

Preferred experience with : xencall and cold calling.

Position is $4.00 US: Hourly PLUS commisions for sold appointments.
Payroll is processed Biweekly, every other friday.

All positions start part time, TBD. Monday - Friday.
Full time + Overtime available for those who perform well and set appointment meeting quota.

Please send us a resume and voice recording of your sales or calling experience ( vocaroo ok) via skype or email.

location we are cold calling is in California USA. We cold call home owners daily.

- Excellent English

-Computer with fast / realible internet
--USB headset ( to speack and hear customer)
-quiet area to work (no back ground noise allowed )

Experience in solar or cold calling is a requirement.

we prefer if you have cold called before for any sales team.

we are cold calling in California USA. pay is $4 an hour USA plus $50 bonus for all sold appointments. more bonuses are available.

skype : live:.cid.3598a915cd9504a5
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